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Originally Posted by GregBrew View Post
Yup. Leased three of them. I've posted it before, but have no idea where. I'll do it again, and keep it in a text file this time...

1997 GM PbA EV-1. Leased from 1997-1998. Recalled (and kept by GM) for safety reasons. (One burned.)
1999 GM NiMH EV-1. Leased from 1999-2001.
1997(a) GM PbA EV-1. Leased from 2000-2002. (Recalled and refurbished 1997s were leased again.)
2001 Totota NiMH RAV4-EV. Bought new. Owned 'til 2011. Sold for $20k.
1999 Ford PbA Ranger EV. Bought in 2001 ($6k) off fleet lease. Owned 'til 2003, (PbA died). Sold for $6k.
2001 Derbi PbA E-GPR conversion. Conversion by Todd at Electric Motorsport of Oakland. Still own.
2011 Nissan LiIon Leaf. Bought new. Still own.
2011 Chevrolet LiIon Volt. Bought new. Still own.
2017 Chevrolet LiIon Bolt. Bought new. Still own.

I plan to keep adding to the list...
Greg, any idea if you think you'll dabble on what VW is coming out with or maybe a Tesla?
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