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  • woodturner ·
    Hi bro1999,

    I followed your exploits with your Bolt from CA to home. Could you tell me what trucking company shipped your car from CA and did you have any issues with them?
    Juniper49 ·
    You seem to be fairly active on this forum. Can you assist me in getting information about which Level 2 charger I should install? I was looking at the Clipper Creek but it doesn't seem to have wifi nor can you "take it with you". Are they important features? ( The Bolt will be my first electric ⚡ car and will be my third car and am retired. Thanks in advance.
    cfspeakman ·
    Any more news on your Bolt's whereabouts? I have emailed and chatted with their website people, hoping someone can give me a little more concrete information. Ashok Vig has been completely unhelpful. Maybe if I bug the **** out of them, they will actually try to find out some information that is useful. If it is still in Michigan, that's okay, just would like some idea. Or if it HAS shipped, if they would give me the rail company and car far, nada.
    Cardyin ·
    As I just posted, it's probably a combination of the fact that its one of the closest Chevy dealerships in proximity to the Mira Loma yard, and they say they are the #1 dealership in CA. Some months they claim they are #1 in nation.

    One Metallic Blue one is available and "loose".
    alohabolt ·
    I tried to post a comment to your Brian's Bolt Blog today about all of your EV leases and purchases. Blogger is back to being finicky about allowing me to comment. No luck.

    Anyway, your Blog is super entertaining, and I look forward to each new installment. I'm hoping my car is in Mira Loma too, and that it makes it to the LA dealer this week. Thank you!
    kicoken ·
    Any update on your car yet?

    I tried getting information from Chevy directly but they really did not provide anything useful.
    alohabolt ·
    We have been trying to make a comment on your Blogger blog, but the system will not verify our openid user name. I'm betting your Blogger account may be too restrictive on comments.

    Anyway, we enjoy hearing about your play-by-play experience with buying your Bolt. We have one coming to So. Cal. too. Did you get a Vehicle Summary Report with your paperwork? It's like a four page build sheet. Very informative and detailed summary of all of the features and option codes coming on your car. I'm betting your Blogger audience would love to see your Vehicle Summary.
    tink ·
    thanks - I'll give it a try once I know it is on a train. I heard from my salesman that he is expecting it to get on a train in the next day or so. thanks again.
    tink ·
    Hi -

    I saw on the Bolt Ev tracking group that you have been able to pin-point where your Bolt is. Mine was produced 11/28 and has been "in transit" for 3 weeks now. I decided not to join all of the groups .... thus my PM here

    Any suggestion on how to become better informed and bypass the poor communication from Chevy?

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