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  • Brant Schutte ·
    Wanted to send a THANK YOU for the info and I have ordered the JDapter Stub using the code found on the forum.
    Here in Ohio the electric company has no incentives currently for chargers nor options for t.o.u.
    I am still torn between clippercreek juice net are the tesla mobile charger. I really would like the Wi-Fi option however
    not sure if the MyChevrolet App would do the same?
    Yes we are very excited for the cars arrival as its been a long journey getting to this point. The tax rebate is great
    as well as we are GMS and have been waiting for the bolt to qualify (which it final did last month) so we pulled the trigger.
    Brant Schutte ·
    Good evening Mr. O’Rouke.

    First thank you for all your charging information. We have ordered a bolt LT and in preparation for its arrival I have been researching Level 2 EV Charging Station.

    1. Model S/X Mobile Connector Bundle @550.00 plus JDapter Stub (Tesla Charge Station Adaptor) @399.00
    2. ClipperCreek HCS-40, JuiceNet® Edition Smart 32-Amp EV Charging Station (Level 2 EVSE) with 25-foot cable @ 873.00
    3. JuiceBox Pro 40 with JuiceNet @ 619.00
    4. Chargepoint 32a wifi enable @ 649.00 on amazon prime (do not like the fact that is is indoor only and has a nema 6-50 plug)

    I am looking for portability and diversity with plug in options. I am leaning towards my/your first choice but was wondering if there is an option for a mobile app.
    To help monitor and adjust and do you need to set any dip switches are set the breaker limits like you would with the hardwire unit?

    Brant Schutte ([email protected])
    1st ev buyer and new forum memeber
    Harrison ohio
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