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    Chemical sensitivities vary enourmously from person to person. I expect the off gassing of the new materials is happening very slowly in the cold weather we are having in the mid Atlantic right now, so if that the problem it may take a while to resolve. However chemical sensitivity issues are not something to take lightly as they can get worse with exposure.

    If the windshield seems to be be getting a chemical fog on the inside quickly, you might want to have the car checked to insure there isn’t a leak in the heating system. If antifreeze is getting vaporized into the cabin it can make you very sick. My understanding of the Bolt heating system is limited, but I believe the electric heater heats the liquid and from that point it works like a conventional heater core. So you have air blowing over a “radiator” with antifreeze inside, a potential site for a leak. Others probably know more about this.
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