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  • Rickaroni ·

    I just bought a Bolt this weekend and within 18 hours had a sidewall failure flat. Fine, it's the "idiot tax" and I'll be hyper-careful now, but am interested in full size tire solutions given the relative unavailability of the tires.

    Was curious to find out what you did after reading your post here:

    "Still I feel that an OEM wheel makes for a much too expensive solution though. My spare (wheel and tire) was less than half the cost of yours also for a full size (diameter) real tire."

    Sorry if I haven't yet found your posting with the details, but if you could share how you found a decent cheap rim (size?) and tire, I'd be obliged. I guess the replacement tire doesn't have to be the same low rolling resistance which would help a lot.... [It should only be on there for <= 1 month before you get the normal tire fixed anyway.]

    Best, Rick
    grayber ·
    hey i'm interested in your spare tires, if still avail.

    cant PM bc I'm too new - can you shoot me an email at alvinscraigslist at gmail dot com?
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