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  • shotel ·
    I'll share this with you as well, we had a very dire family emergency where I had to come back. That first couple of days I had to drive all around the city (Vegas). Back and forth to a hospital, to other locations and such. I was in a wretchedly stressed situation. Driving the Bolt, knowing that my range was limited and that I didn't even have the time for a hour+ charging stop only intensified my angst. Plus I then had to drive down to L.A. to retrieve a relative that first night. Thankfully I was able to swap with the wife's PHEV (Clarity) at her work. I've thought about that episode over and over, and although it's a super-rare occurrence, I now can't imagine ever only having just a BEV.

    I have been contemplating posting my story - but it may just fall on BEV purist deaf ears. What do you think?

    And BTW, thanks for sending me that message back in October...really appreciate it.
    shotel ·
    Hey redpoint - Hope all is well with you and the family. Hows the little one doing?

    I've been out of Country (well, in and out) over the past 6 Months. Interestingly, some Countries seem to block, but I was lurking when I could. Was able to make a few post on News Coulomb's YT channel. Glad to see you've been keeping the members in check with reasoned logic.

    My youngest daughter is 17, and was attending University in the South of France (sounds way more glamorous than it actually is) as a high school student. I was expecting that she would return there in the fall as a incoming Freshman, but... and this may be in your realm of knowledge... she is leaning heavily towards another University: Oregon State at Corvallis. Any advice?
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