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  • MCavBolt ·
    Hi there - I noticed you had some issues w/ your bolt in squeaking front-end noise. I am have been dealing with a similar issue in my 2019 Bolt (see video here ) My 2019 Bolt Premier is having issues w/ front-end squeak (only in cold <65F weather) - Dealer replaced both Stabilizer Links and torqued suspension bolts but did not fix problem. Curious if the noise heard in my video sounded anything like what you experienced? Apologies for troubling you about this but I am struggling to come to root cause of this problem.
    Bunklung ·
    Any updates on your sway bar issues? I have the same problem as you had. I have a feeling they are just going to coat the entire steering/undercarriage/suspension in grease.
    doogie17 ·
    Hi, You mentioned in a June 13, 2018 post: "He [The Bolt technician] started to do some digging in the GM tech systems and found that there was a technical service bulletin released two days ago (June 11th) for a creaking noise coming from the front end of a Bolt. " I've been unable to find this TSB on the NHTSA website or elsewhere. I wonder if you might have a number or a link for the TSB?

    Appreciate your posts. My Bolt has developed a similar noise.

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