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  1. 👋 New Member Introductions
    Kelley Fair here. My wife and I bought a 2021 Premiere at Knapp Chevrolet in May this year. We are now a one-car EV family. Put 10K miles on it. Houston to LA and back. Houston to Shreveport and back. Houston to Galveston and back. Houston to Wilmington. NC and back. Plan to drive...
  2. 📡 Software And Firmware Updates
    Is there a way to reprogram the minimum cruise speed to 30 km/h vice the current 40 km/h? School Zones are all 30 where I live. My last veh, a 2013 Fusion was able to operate at 30 km/h and I really miss that ability. (That's 18.64 Mph for folks below the 49 th parallel) Thanks
1-2 of 2 Results