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  1. 2017+ Chevy Bolt News
    Hello all, I recently purchased a new 2022 Chevy Bolt EV 2LT and took advantage of the 240 volt 14-50 outlet upgrade that GM offers for the garage. I successfully utilized the Rouge Level 2 charger and charged the Bolt with ~32 amps overnight with no issues. The second attempt at charging with...
  2. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Pricing, Dealers, Orders And T
    Anyone had experience with the lead times on bolt EVs since production resumed? There are no 2LT models within 100mi of me for sale, so I recently placed a deposit on an existing dealer order, which has been sitting at status code 3000 (Accepted by production control) since I met with them...
  3. Chevy Bolt EV Videos
    I am an owner of a 2022 Bolt EV that was purchased four weeks before the total recall. As a composer, my way of dealing with the grief of this was to write music and set it to video. I have since revised the video to depict brighter times ahead, thus the edited post. With recent battery...
1-3 of 3 Results