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  1. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Issues And Problems
    The A.C. on my 2019 Bolt (but not my 2020 Bolt) only works when the car is in motion. When parked, the A.C. just blows hot air. What might be causing this?
  2. 2017 - 2022 Bolt EV Battery Fire Recall
    Hi all Im new to the forum so forgive me if this has been discussed. I got my update at a local dealer a couple of weeks back and now my car is acting all kinds of strange. First it refuses to charge over 45-50%. Then yesterday as I was parking the car I got a check engine light and a message...
  3. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    My wife and I have been running errands over the last few days and since it’s been very hot outside, we’ve used the A/C a lot. At one point when we were parked yesterday, the fan got really loud and buzzy. Inside the car, it sounded like we were near someone running a leaf blower but outside it...
  4. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Issues And Problems
    2017 Chevy Bolt LT. With my Heat/AC button off, there's no issue. Fans blow normally and I can control face, defroster, and feet blowing without any issues. When I turn on my Heat/AC button and the AC compressor turns on, there is a Grinding/Hissing noise. It doesn't happen when the Resistive...
  5. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Issues And Problems
    Hello everyone, I have a Chevy Bolt EV 2017, I have been noticing a weird noise coming from the AC/Heat vents when I take a quick turn. Also I have noticed water dripping from behind them. I read that this might be a Condensation drain is clogged. Does anyone know how to locate this drain? I...
1-5 of 5 Results