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  1. Charging Stations Discussion
    I can't get the EVgo app to display ChargePoint locations. In the filters there is an option for 'Show Partner Stations'. The SEMA (whatever that is) checkbox works, but checking the ChargePoint checkbox has no effect and won't save. Every time I return to the filters it is unchecked. Has...
  2. Charging and Batteries
    Does anyone own a Chargepoint Flex EVSE charging station? I am wanting to mount mine inside and run the charge cable through a passthrough outside the house and use a dummy J1772 receptacle to hang the plug in from. Does the charge cable need to be docked to the station or can it be docked...
  3. Charging and Batteries
    Looks like my area is going to move to the 2020 NEC and I'm planning a big garage remodel... Anybody got a chance to look at it? Any big changes from 2016?
1-3 of 3 Results