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  1. Charger problem - make/model specific?

    Charging and Batteries
    I had a Duosida adjustable 32 amp max EVSE stop working after a month and a half of use. I thought it might have been water getting into it, but the vendor took it apart and says no, it's dry. It worked fine on my 2020 Bolt for a while. Then it suddenly started trying and failing. No fault...
  2. Waterproof, "Waterproof", and IP ratings

    Charging and Batteries
    I am about to send a Duosida adjustable (8 to 32 Amps) EVSE back to the vendor (EVDoctor) for service. When I was shopping for a 240V EVSE I looked for the word "waterproof", because I wanted to use it outside. The Duosida had the word "waterproof" in the listing on Amazon with a graphic of an...
  3. Repairing a Duosida - water damage

    Charging and Batteries
    I bought a 2020 Bolt on the 1st of February and I've been charging it regularly with a Duosida 32A EVSA that I got from EVDoctor on Amazon. Yesterday I charged it in the rain, drove it, and when I tried to charge again it gave me the "unable to charge" message on the dash. No fault light on the...
  4. Used Bolt EV in Europe

    Charging and Batteries
    Howdy, Brand new to this, do not even own a Bolt EV yet but am really looking to pick one up. Only problem is my first assignment is in Germany and I am unsure if the American Bolt EV will work over there, specifically 1. Worried about European 50 Hz as opposed to American 60 Hz for both...
  5. JuiceBox Pro 40 - $499.99 for Black Friday at Costco Online

    2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Juicebox 40 Pro will be $499.99 on for Black Friday per Costco BF Ad. From Nov 22 - Dec 2, 2019. JuiceBox 40 Pro Ad