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charging failure

  1. Unable to charge

    2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Issues And Problems
    Plugged my 2020 Bolt with less than 1800 miles into a level 3 chargepoint station and walk away. Can back within a half a hour and notice no charge. Now for some reason it doesn’t want to charge. Ive tried different 110, 240 and level 3’s and nothing. It gives me a, “unable to charge error”...
  2. Level 2 charging broken, but Level1 and Rapid OK.... What?

    Charging and Batteries
    Hi all, hoped I could find an answer here. The dealers are pretty useless still with EVs. I have a 2018 Bolt, ~30K miles on it. Love the car, very few issues. Now in the last wk the car just won't sense a Level 2 connection from my home charger. I dont hear the familiar clicking and the...