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  1. 170 miles in 49 minutes

    Charging and Batteries
    I’m going to record this next time I charge at an EA charging station, for proof. So, I began the charge with about 68 miles left and ended with 237. The session took just under 50 minutes. I was really impressed. Percentage wise, it went from 19% to 80%. I wanted to post this because I always...
  2. Keeping Bolt on while plugging In

    2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Do you guys typically keep your Bolt on when plugging it in or do you turn it off, plug in then turn it back on? I usually just get out plug in to The DCFC and get back in, without turning the car off. I’m not sure if I should be doing that or not.
  3. DCFC reliability – An open Letter to Electrify America

    Charging Stations Discussion
    This week a friend on an EV road trip became stranded at the Herkimer NY EA DCFC when all four units failed to work. How can we all help each other to try to prevent this from happening again? What can we do? EA can’t fix what they do not know is broken, unlike a gas station the EA host...
  4. First Chevy Bolt in Nassau, Bahamas!

    First Chevy Bolt in Nassau, Bahamas!

    Happy Holidays everyone! We're new to the forum and the Bolt is new to us. Only had it a few weeks, but it will soon join our all-electric rental fleet here in sunny Nassau, Bahamas! Two items of note: 1) the 'primer' gray color is slowly growing on me, lol 2) the ONLY option it has is DCFC -...