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  1. I used the Bolt EV to bake cookies, and they came out great!

    What Did You Do To Your Chevy Bolt EV Today?
    It's 116°F in my driveway today, so I figured, why not try an experiment! I had some industrial grade frozen cookie dough pucks left over from a closed restaurant, so I pot one piece peanut butter and one chocolate chip on some parchment on a rimmed aluminum baking sheet and left it on the dash...
  2. My informal tour of an Electrify America station in California

    Charging and Batteries
    Did a 2700+ mile road trip a few weeks ago, and a LOT of DC charging. On my way back to LA, I had the pleasure of getting an informal tour of an Electrify America charging station at WalMart in some hot, awful town near Fresno (where somebody stole my wife's $5 hat that was on top of the car...
  3. Chevy bolt in winter

    New Member Introductions
    I’ve purchased a 2018 Chevy bolt couple months. Ago and it didn’t click to me, but I live in apartment and I have no output to plug in my car. Winter is coming and I’m now aware that it’ll reduce up to 40 percent of the range during the winter Season. It gets from 25 to 40 where I live during...