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  1. Chevy Bolt EV Pictures
    Electrician charged me $1000 to put in a new 220 socket plus the unit cost 479. Pretty steep. I Keep telling my wife it will pay for itself in a few months 😆
  2. Chargers / Components
    Many (BUT NOT ALL) Level 1 EV Chargers will operate at both 120 & 240V AC. When you charge at 240V you will get a full charge in ½ the time! Read this to see how it works and why it is possible. Click here: EV Bulletin - EVDOUBLER - How Does it Work, Why is it Possible To charge at 240V you...
  3. Chargers / Components
    We have repaired more than 380 EV Chargers and have a 95% success rate. Based on our experience we have developed some FREE simple J1772 Repair Instructions. See the following EVSE/J1772 Theory of Operation, Schematic & Testing - EV Doc Bulletin - EVSE & J1772 Handle Test Instructions...
  4. Chargers / Components
    Based on our experience we have developed a simple low cost EVSE tester. The ‘EVSE J1772 Tester’ can be built with common low cost parts from eBay. Click here EVSE J1772 Tester & Simulator Product Specification FREE schematic, parts list and layout for the tester. Click here EVSE J1772...
1-4 of 4 Results