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  1. Waterproof, "Waterproof", and IP ratings

    Charging and Batteries
    I am about to send a Duosida adjustable (8 to 32 Amps) EVSE back to the vendor (EVDoctor) for service. When I was shopping for a 240V EVSE I looked for the word "waterproof", because I wanted to use it outside. The Duosida had the word "waterproof" in the listing on Amazon with a graphic of an...
  2. Mustart brand -- any experience? Any reason not to get the portable version?

    Charging and Batteries
    There are a few posts that mention Mustart on this forum, but I couldn't really find a lot so here's another "what should I buy" thread from a new Bolt owner (going to pick it up this afternoon). I don't care about anything fancy. No WiFi needed, or scheduling, or anything like that (the Bolt...
  3. FS in Los Angeles: broken AeroVironment (AV) level 2 EVSE - the ubiquitous one

    Chargers / Components
    Hello, Have an AV charger that served me well for several years - then stopped working. Replaced it with a Clipper Creek, and all is well. If anyone wants the EVSE for parts (connector/wires are all good, etc.) then I have it for $45 in Los Angeles - shipping is definitely not worth it. It's...
  4. Outdoor EVSE (aka charger) for use on a driveway, no roof

    Charging and Batteries
    Hi all, I have to park in my driveway and have no garage or car port. The car is out in the weather, California, but we gets lots of rain here. I was looking for recommendations for how to install a level 2 "charger" EVSE in this scenario. Will I need a box of some sort to cover the charging...
  5. Converting 120V to 240V ?

    Charging and Batteries
    Hello, electrical engineers. I have a detached garage connected to my house by a buried NM 12/2 cable. I think this is rated for 20 amps. The house panel has standard hot+neutral+hot bus bars. Currently, the NM cable carries hot+neutral to the garage as 120V. Now, two questions: Can i...
  6. 240v—looking for a 14-50 adapter

    2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Would this work as a simple way to use the 14-50 outlet in my garage to connect to the Bolt EVSE and get a mild boost in charging? I will be mostly local commuting, so thought this would be an affordable way to charge without going for a more expensive second EVSE Thanks Gavin Oops, no links...