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  1. 🚙 2022+ Chevy Bolt EUV General Discussion
    Ordered mine 8/1/22, paid $1000 deposit. I had to track down info as my dealer was clueless. I am still waiting so I went on GM's web chat and here's what the GM person had the audacity to say: "Thank you for your patience Jeff! Your order has been submitted by the dealer, but has not been...
  2. 👋 New Member Introductions
    I have been researching EV’s for over a year, annoying my wife with the number of videos I watched daily. As a teacher, I have some time off right now so I went test driving (now that there are a few cars on lots). In checking out many cars, I got the opportunity to drive an Ioniq 5 and to...
  3. 👋 New Member Introductions
    I ordered my Bolt EUV on 26 Sept 2022. I found out how to check the order status on the chevy site. Its been a month and the conciege still says the order is not officially accepted. What?! Does anyone know about this? I think i know more about this and ev's than my salesman. I'm worried that...
  4. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Pricing, Dealers, Orders And T
    Anyone had experience with the lead times on bolt EVs since production resumed? There are no 2LT models within 100mi of me for sale, so I recently placed a deposit on an existing dealer order, which has been sitting at status code 3000 (Accepted by production control) since I met with them...
1-4 of 4 Results