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  1. Chevy bolt in winter

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    I’ve purchased a 2018 Chevy bolt couple months. Ago and it didn’t click to me, but I live in apartment and I have no output to plug in my car. Winter is coming and I’m now aware that it’ll reduce up to 40 percent of the range during the winter Season. It gets from 25 to 40 where I live during...
  2. After recall fix average range now 190 miles instead of 230

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    After months of dilly-dallying I had my Chevy Bolt 2018 (1.5 year old) sent to the dealer to fix a recall issue. It's been 2 weeks since the fix. The car doesn't show more than 185-190 miles of average range on a full charge. It used to hover between 210 (winter) and 230 (summer) miles. There's...