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  1. Road Trip Report And Long Trip Discussions
    Check out the amenities at the College Station Brookshire Brothers Supermarket. Lots of good stuff. There is an EV Connect charger there that has been getting good reports in Plugshare. I tried it out recently and accessed it with my Chargepoint app. You can have a latte, charge your devices...
  2. Chevy Bolt EV Videos
    If you haven't lost interest (and who could blame you after a year's delay), this is the penultimate part of our road trip to Nova Scotia. It's going to feel good to be done with it, but this is the one I feared putting out the most (part of the reason for the delay), because I delve into the...
  3. Road Trip Report And Long Trip Discussions
    I have driven my 2021 Bolt Premiere from Houston to Los Angeles and back. Also drove from Houston to Wilmington NC and back. I have an Electrify America account and a Chargepoint account. Going from Houston to Boston I will be going through IN, OH, PA, NY, and MA. These are places where I am...
  4. Road Trip Report And Long Trip Discussions
    Anyone know the best route between Indianapolis and Charlotte North Carolina? The desert of East Tennessee, South Indiana and East Kentucky make me weary of taking the road trip. Ideally I won’t have to stop more than 1 night and more ideally do the whole trip in one day. So DCFC chargers are...
  5. Chevy Bolt EV Videos
    Here is a link to a 377 mile drive my family and I took last weekend. I give lots of stats at the end on energy use etc. and I even drove into a ditch and had to be pulled out by my neighbor who has a large diesel truck.
  6. Road Trip Report And Long Trip Discussions
    This weekend I am taking my first long haul, multiple charging stop road trip and I'm excited! Trip is 650 miles -1300 miles round trip- from Ohio to the East Coast, and back. Staying overnight halfway through on the drive out, but will be doing it all in one shot on the return trip a week...
  7. Road Trip Report And Long Trip Discussions
    Went to a state park and back in a day. It was around 5 hours total of driving (includes driving around the park) Total trip was estimated at 260 miles but came in around 250. based on past usage (4.0 mi/kWh) I thought I was definitely going to have the charge. So I stopped at a restaurant for...
  8. Chevy Bolt EV Pictures
    Once you enter a Bolt, The Bolt enters you. Experience nature while preserving it. Fall in love with the Chevy Bolt. Post your own cheesy captions below!
  9. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    We drove from Colorado Springs to Glenwood Springs. The Bolt far exceeded my expectation. See photos for trip details. The only odd thing that occurred was the Lan Keeping Assistant stopped working about 170 miles into our journey. (System unavailable)
  10. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Steve is headed to Fully Charged and sharing his EV trip with anyone interested in learning more about Bolt EV road trips in early 2020 Steve's first day yesterday was a very long one with Herkimer NY DCFC failing to give him a charge, he had to resort to level 2, let's hope it gets better...
  11. Chevy Bolt EV Videos
    This is part 3 to our trip and we finally make it to MEAT COVE! This one is admittedly lighter on Bolt specific material. But when you take the series as a whole, it will make sense. Also, I think I'm screwing up the way I should be posting these to the forum, giving them each their own...
1-11 of 11 Results