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  1. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV Issues And Problems
    I purchased my 2020 LT in April of 2021. Just 19 months and 16k miles later, in December 2022 I was informed that my brakes were so rusted that I would not pass state inspection and needed to be replaced, to the tune of 1.3k. This isn't aren't covered under the warranty. I live in a cold...
  2. 🎙️ 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone, I figured I'd share this information, however I am aware it'll likely be very few people who make use of it. Bit of backstory: bought my 2017 Bolt about 3 months ago, got a killer deal on it from Vroom (risky, I can elaborate on my experience here if anyone wants to know). The...
1-2 of 2 Results