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  1. Mid-Atlantic
    Is there an adapter available to charge at Tesla Charging Stations?
  2. 2022+ Chevy Bolt EUV General Discussion
    Hello all, I was planning on buying a Tesla and ended up buying the gen 3 wall connector to level 2 charge it. I ended up buying an EUV but someone at the dealership said the tesla charger won’t work with Chevy even with an adapter, can anyone confirm or deny this before I install it, chevy has...
  3. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    Question for my knowledgeable forum-mates: Do I understand this correctly? Where as I can charge my Bolt EV to 100% (or less until I finally get the new battery and resume full charging), if I stop at a public charging station the charger will charge my battery to 80% maximum. I cannot "fill...
  4. Charging and Batteries
    I'm charging my 2022 Bolt EUV and noticing that the car will indicate charge complete on the dash, but the charger will continue in "charging mode". I've observed this with both my new Emporia EV Charger and my Gen3 Tesla Charger (w/ adapter). From the Emporia's energy monitoring, it seems that...
  5. Charging and Batteries
    Link to Coursera course I am taking this Coursera course and Week 2 covers everything about Lithium Ion batteries how they are built, assembled, and designed. It's pretty great stuff and the professor provides information on what Tesla uses. It got my curious on what the Bolt uses. For...
  6. 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum
    I just took unexpected ownership of a 2017 Bolt. My 2004 Prius' hybrid battery died (for the second time -- the OEM battery lasted 12.5 years, the third party replacement only 3 years -- alas). As the battery weakened toward un-useability over over the course of a few days, it was an unplanned...
1-6 of 11 Results