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  1. Towing
    Do any of you happen to know if any of the wires near the “Trailer Interface Control Module” are switched power(only on with ignition)? I am installing a tailgate light strip in addition to the trailer wiring and would like switched power for the strip
  2. Other Accessories
    I have a used Stealth Hitches hitch and 2" receiver that was on my Chevy Bolt from July 2021-January 2022, then was removed for our Bolt Buyback by Chevrolet. It was great for use for a bike rack and other cargo. As printed on the label, it has a max payload of 500lbs, and max towing capacity...
    $275 USD
  3. Towing a small sailboat with a 2017 Bolt

    Towing is possible. Using Model No. 24956 Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver This example consumed 2.85 kWh per Mile at 55 mph over a 50 mile round-trip journey with no appreciable elevation changes. Total trailer and boat weight is under 700 lbs.
1-3 of 3 Results