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110v charging, battery life loss.

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Two weeks ago, I got myself a bolt 2019 with a brand new battery (2022). I still don't have my 220v charging station at home. So I'm using my 110v. I do 110km daily and mostly charge in 110v at work + home. Every 4 days i need to charge in 220 due to 110v not charging the battery enough.
Now since yesterday, my battery life says it caps at 114 miles, down from 242 miles (from 2 weeks ago).

Now I'm really getting pushy for an electrician to install my 220v charging station at home. But I'm wondering, did the battery permenently degraded from that? I saw in the recommendation to charge using 220v every week, which I did.

To give some context, I also live in a cold area of Canada where it's often around -5F.
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... how much of it is my fault due to bad driving habits?
Don't think like that.
You are using your Bolt the way you need to use your Bolt.
Don't suffer by limiting the cabin heat. Use the Preconditioning on the Fob or app.
Enjoy what this car has to offer!

Just checking:
Do you know about setting it to charge at 12Amps when on 120V?
You can set your 'home charging location' to charge at 12A automatically.
Everywhere else you have to poke it in settings to get it to charge at 12A, everytime...

Life will be so much easy for you when you get your home L2!
..Note that if your miles/kWh is much less than 4, you're getting worse than the EPA estimate.
Don't let this talk get you down. :cool:
You're in Canada, in the winter. It doesn't get much worse than that....;)
Everybody gets 'worse than EPA' in the winter.
And depending on your usage, 'better than EPA' in the summer!(y)

Don't suffer to save a few loonies or toonies per week.
Once you get your L2 installed at home you'll be able to precondition the car while it's plugged in, hopefully in a garage!
For normal urban/suburban driving in winter, the Bolt is by far the most comfortable car we've owned in fifty years. Prior to use, the Bolt cabin can be warmed while plugged in, driven with full use of heat, defrost, seat heaters, steering wheel heaters and smile all the way.
I agree!

I like to start the Precondition while exiting the car at a short stop, like groceries.
That keeps the cabin nice and comfy!
If it's a longer stop, restaurant, I'll use the app to start a Precondition. It's worth paying Onstar $15/mon for that service, especially this time of year!

Use that Precondition all you can!
The car doesn't sit there in a cloud of its own stink doing it, like a gasser.:(
....A continous load above 12A should always result in a trip of a 15A breaker since this exceeds the 80% continuous load specification for a 15A breaker. .
Good advice, except ^this^ part....
12A is 80% of 15A. That's why it was chosen.
You should be fine on a 15A circuit, if the EV is the only load.

I don't think 15A circuits are that common these days, but to be safe, most EV manufacturers choose 12A as a default for 120V charging.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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