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158 miles of range on 2017 bolt?

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I am super excited to have purchased a used 2017 bolt EV with 70k miles on it, however I am a bit concerned now that I have been able to charge it fully.

The range is currently 158 mi at a 95% charge. It is a nice 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside and all tires are at 42 psi. It will not charge past 95% because of the recall software update but that should only take ~12 miles off the full range.

Now to be fair I have given a few test drives to friends and family to demonstrate the powerful torque of EV’s and I live in a hilly area, but can that really account for 80 miles of lost range? I expected some battery degradation at 70k miles, but at 158 miles of range on a full charge should I be concerned?

Any feedback or tips are much appreciated.
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The range is currently 158 mi at a 95% charge. It is a nice 60 degrees Fahrenheit

Any feedback or tips are much appreciated.
Have you actually tried to drive it 158 miles and ended up with a dead battery? If you are looking at the range estimates on the driver information console, you should know those estimates are meaningless, and only correct when the say zero and the battery is dead.

I charge using hilltop reserve and the estimate is typically in the 150 to 160 range. However, when I drive conservatively until the battery is dead, I can usually travel over 200 miles on a sunny day when I don’t need to use the climate control system. By the end of the drive, the range estimate is very close to correct.

I can turn the car on with the heater on high and the windows open on a cold day, and the battery will go dead without driving a single mile even though the range was 160 when I started it up.

Look at the percentage charge remaining, not the miles. Those range estimates should not even be there. They are based on some calculation of previous use. I know how far I have already driven. What I want is a calculation based on future use. When they can provide that, I’ll pay attention to the range estimates.

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