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I bought my '17 Bolt EV premier in November of 17 and joined the site a while after that and wondered off. I live in the Pacific NW, and my utility provider has hydro and solar power.

My first post was at 972 miles and I now have 27,300 miles on it. I love my bolt and I still think it's one of my the best vechiles I have owned.

Since my last post I got hub centric wheel adapters to run my 17x9" wheels with 215/45 sticky tires that came off my old Legacy GT(basically a stealth WRX). Letting me take advantage of the instant torque of the bolt.

I am eventually going to lower the car with flares and coilovers. Nothing to crazy. Hopefully after more searching on the forums I see some cool mods I will want to do.


Wheel specs:
Rota torque 17x9 aggressive face
+30 offset
1" wheel adapter to convert from 5x105 to 5x100 bolt pattern.
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