Purchased and installed at Street Scene On & Off Road Performance in Watsonville, CA in April '21.
Found out afterwards my road bike fits in the back of the car with the seats down so I've actually never used the hitch.
My Bolt is going bye bye so I'm offloading accessories.

Turns out a replacement lower filler (GM part no. 42590245) to replace the hitch cutout is ~$200 so I'd rather swap with whoever buys this hitch.

I'd like to get this swapped by an approved EcoHitch installer (Torklift Central | Torklift Central Hitch Tow installs trailer hitches for all types of vehicles, specializes in custom fabrication and manufactures the EcoHitch to help you Get Out and Go Your Way!). If you're within a couple hundred miles of Fresno, CA and interested let me know. Ideally, you would make a weekend appointment at an approved shop, they'd swap the hitch to your car, and I'd get your lower filler.

$50 plus you pick up the lunch tab while we wait for the install and we're square. I'm not saying it has to be cloth napkins and sport coats, but a full bar would be nice.