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2017 Bolt EV "Fully Charged" = 86 Miles?

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Well, this is a first. I've had this 2017 Bolt EV for 2 years and have seen "Fully Charged" as 250 miles in the summer, and 180 miles in winter. I am just beginning to see these numbers fall-off to 86 miles on two recent "Fully Charged" cycles, with temperatures just above freezing. I will now schedule a service call to see what my dealer says. At this point it appears something is seriously amiss, and I plan to post on Chevy's attempt to understand/resolve this.
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"Currently, there are no recalls or programs associated with your 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV"
This vehicle, aside from the diminished range, remains perfectly drivable. But the earliest it can be "diagnosed" is early next week, after which another post will follow.
I suggest driving it until it stops, preferably in the middle of a multi-lane highway. I would then a call a lawyer and sue GM.
Yeah. I guess I would consult a lawyer first, about the best way to do this. ;)

Seriously though, this dealer's response is totally ridiculous. How do they know it is "perfectly driveable?" Did they look at battery capacity, or the 96 cell voltages? I have a $30 OBDII adapter, and a $5 app that can tell me these vital things in five minutes. They couldn't be bothered to do as much?

"There IS a reduced range with cold temps." Are they that stupid, or just being smart a$$ed? A total range of 142 miles on a 100% charge is grounds for a warranty replacement, but 86 miles or 36% is "perfectly drivable!" GM has a huge problem with their dealer network...and the rest of the old-line OEMs are no better.
I don't think anyone would dispute that something is wrong. And probably a warrantied issue. No one here, that should be allowed to log in, should be surprised at the stupidity that exists in every profession ...... and I'm going to throw this out there; especially car salespeople. Some people, and some are here, have no clue how stupid they are and are in full denial. 100% full denial. The car is broke. Things break. What has happened to the OP could easily happen to all of us. Our cars were made in Michigan. Have you been to Michigan? The U.P. ??? I have, and it's a miracle our failure rate is as low as it is.

So would you drive this car down a busy highway at the assurance of this dealership that it is perfectly driveable? Either the battery is faulty, or the car is miscalculating SOC, range, or both. Either way I would be very hesitant to drive it.
4) They kept me up to speed on this repair's progress, and a week after the Bolt EV's problematic battery pack was identified I was able to pick up my vehicle morning;
5) For the true geeks among you, here are the specifics:
Very glad to hear they finally did right by you. It appears the link, or attachment, you meant to add, didn't take.
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