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hello all,

much to my dismay my shiny new and awesome 2017 Bolt had a diagnostic message on screen last week "Service Transmission" - the car seems fine and there was no apparent problem, but since it said "transmission" I finished my errand and let the car sit until it's service appointment. Of course the morning of the appointment the message did not repeat but I still took it to the dealership for diagnostics.

Having brought the car in for service I used the opportunity to have Chevy review/diagnose 3 issues:

1. the "Service Transmission" message
2. I complained about the driver's side front seat being uncomfortable and asked if it might be missing some padding
3. asked for some wheel locks to be installed if they were in stock

Item #1 - "Service Transmission" fault code displayed on screen

Chevy confirmed my observation and respondes with the following: "Scanned Vehicle for DTCS, Found P1787 and P17C8 set as passed and failed in the chase control module. Search for applicable buttlentins or PI's. Found 16-NA-267 applies to vehicle and condition. Per SI doc reprogrammed transmission range control module and performed setup procedure. SPS Warranty code- 1C974, setup warranty code- FD770. Cleared programming DTCS and attached printouts to RO

if anyone can decode the fault codes and the service bulletin I would love to hear some of the gory details as to this fix. But for now the car is fixed and Chevy had the car less than a day and claimed to fix the problem - we'll see.

Item #2 - Driver seat sucks

Chevy "could not reproduce" the problem and confirmed the seat conforms to specification and matches other Bolts on the lot. This was my expected outcome but I thought I'd start the complaint process to see if Chevy wanted to deal with the problem. I plan to escalate to customer service as I believe that while the seat in my car is "as designed" the design needs to be updated to actual function as a comfortable seat.

Item #3 - wheel locks

alas - they were not in stock and I'll take care of this myself later

While the Car was in the shop Chevy also performed a complementary 28 point inspection of my 2017 Bolt - and I'm gratified to learn the following:

there are no exhaust system leaks in my car or loose exhaust system parts
the engine's oil level is good and does not need any replacement
my oil filter is leak free and does not need replacing (but Chevy recommends regular replacement of this critical engine component to improve engine longevity)
my fuel tank is leak free all all fuel lines appear normal and need no servicing
my fuel filter does not need replacing
there are no engine oil leaks
all drive belts are good and show no signs of wear
apparently my engine oil life remaining was entered by the mechanic at 85% oil life left - I'll look forward to Chevy's solution for when it's 0% life left
my alternator works fine
fuel pump is working with in specification
water pump is equally well off
fuel injectors are clean as a whistle
and my fuel cap seals properly

all of the above items were deeply concerning to me because as an EV my Bolt has _NONE_ of these items, but I applaud Chevy's thoroughness in inspecting them anyways and reporting their condition as "good/needs no service". I'm particularly interested in the 85% of life left in my engine oil and will be carefully watching that myself for the future service - LOL.

one thing missing from their check list which my other EV manufacture includes in their 28 point inspection is a validation/testing of the main battery charging system - verifying the onboard systems, battery and onboard charger all are working properly - that is actually much more important on an EV than the exhaust system or fuel pump or oil filter life.

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Lol I don't think item #2 is something foreign to them but as it seems quite common. The transmission thing could have just been a hiccup that threw a code, they probably just cleared it and took it for a test drive to see if it came on again, if not, they'll just hand it back and say it's fixed.

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Of all those items, one is actually in the Bolt EV: "water pump is equally well off" because there is one that pumps the coolant (which is water plus additives) from the battery and electronics through the front radiators. If that failed, you would have a new service code and be unable to drive the Bolt safely.

If GM changes the coolant to use a fluid other than water, then it will not be a "water pump" anymore.
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