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2017 Display shows lines

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At first middle part started to show lines but you could still see. Now screen is mostly colored lines. Its responsive to touch, so I can use it by memory. Reset doesnt help.
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So…. Finally reporting what I did.
I tried disconnecting battery - nothing.
A week ago I spent maybe 2 hours trying to get to the display - was able do disconnect it and it didn’t help either.
ordered new display right away(I think it was 2019), received it Thursday, connected - success!!

About getting to the display. There’s one post here about it. I couldn’t get to the bolt on the right side. I found taking out glovebox very usefull. Through the opening, you can see clips and can help yourself to push them out from inside(on passenger side). Then under power button, there’s small panel hold by 1 bolt and a clip. After removing it, it’s possible to pop clips around power button( you can see them from inside as well). Then its easier to remove mid trim and access the display. I had problem with disconnecting one of the cables(my guess its power) and I broke the hook(I still dont know how it should’ve been managed), but it holds in place fine.
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