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2019 Bolt Manual Service Disconnect failure

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2019 Bolt (purchased July 2019, now with 4000 miles - not sure the build date) suffered complete propulsion failure last Monday evening (June 1, 2020) at 55% battery capacity while rounding a gentle curve at 40mph in L. Tones started ringing, the drive pedal went soft, steering went stiff, mileage estimates dropped instantly to zero, and the Service Vehicle Light came on. (Ironic that this indicator looks like a car with a giant nail pounded through it!)

I was able to coast to the side of the road. "Conditions not correct for shift" and other fun messages. Called OnStar for a tow.

Today, the dealer says the technician has had help from GM to determine that the Manual Service Disconnect was faulty and needed to be replaced. Sadly, the part is backordered. I read in other posts that the part is made in China so these days maybe it will be a long wait. They will give me a loaner vehicle in the meantime.

I am not too much of a car guy so I'm trying to follow the other posts on the topic and will make an entry into the NTSC database as recommended.

Any other advice for me? Any questions I should ask the dealer to make sure they've done a thorough investigation?

Thanks in advance.

PS: We love our Bolt. It is a real gem of a vehicle, we think. Quiet, clean, smooth, fun, nimble, cheap-to-operate, cheap-to-insure (for now). Our 2012 Town & Country (also a great car, in truth, for the days when we still had kids at home) now seems barbaric by comparison. Unless future experience with this Bolt goes sour, I doubt I will buy a gas-powered car again.
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Any other advice for me?
Thanks for sharing. Seems to have happened to a few on this forum.
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