Looking to sell my 2019 LT so I can upgrade to an EUV.

Bought in April 2022 from Carvana, then got my 2022 EUV swap in May for my 2021 Bolt. Looking to upgrade to both EUVs.

Did PPI at Koons Chevy in Tysons, replaced brake pads, rotors and one faulty TPMS sensor. Car drives great and had the battery replaced in April. Was a single “owner” lease before Carvana sold it to me.

These are the images from Carvana; I’ll post my own when I’m back from a road trip in my EUV (love it)!

Car has dcfc, customer safety package (acc, lane keep assist, rear traffic sensors), heated seats and steering wheel. Drives great - exactly as you’d expect for a 2019 with a new battery.

Tires are in good shape with a lot of tread depth. Don’t know when they were replaced.

Original charging cable and one FOB are included - what came from Carvana.

price is obviously negotiable. Car is located just outside of Washington, DC.