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2019 Touch screen remained in camera mode while driving forward

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An odd situation that happened once, and never again since. Started my 2019 Bolt Premier (8k miles) as usual and immediately put in reverse to back out of my driveway. The touch screen correctly showed the rear view. When I shifted to D and then to L, the touch screen correctly showed the front facing view. Usually this turns off after a few seconds, but this time stayed on for about 5 minutes.

None of the controls had any effect, including holding the volume/power switch in for a few seconds. Then the screen suddenly showed BOLT EV in large letters, and then worked as usual showing my home screen with all controls working.

Anyone else experience this? Any cause for concern, or am I missing a software update?

Thanks in advance.
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This has happened to me several times, though not in at least 6 months. As @ARob wrote, I think the problem is starting, shifting into reverse and going before a complete bootup has happened. What often happens to me is that the guide lines don't initially display when I back up, but do after about 3 to 5 seconds, sometimes too late.
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