For those who would like to have a used Bolt, I have decided to sell my 2020 Bolt Premier (21800 miles). Not sure how you would contact me on this forum, but there it is. Figure out a way to get to Boise, Idaho and we can probably figure out a way for you to drive it home. And to stay on point, it has the original battery with the slow charging rate. The charge rate is fine for a daily commuter, but I would never consider using it as a long distance travel vehicle, as charging is just too slow for me. And I mostly disagree with how 'great' the Bolt is by members on this forum. However, I must remember that my 'great' and their 'great' can be different and yet both true. And there is one BIG kudos I MUST give the Bolt. It has opened my eyes to the future relative to electric vehicles and I'll be grateful for that for the remainder of my life!
Notes; Comes with 3D Maxpider front and 2nd row floor mats (have the originals if you want them). Front seat covers. Heavy duty rear cargo cover. Will consider including a 240v ChargePoint charger and 20'(?) extension cord.

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