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Just wanted to share my experience with my 2nd bolt (leased it in January) only has 3000 miles. Went to run some errands, parked the car, came back, got a message saying "Initializing Wait Shift". Car didn't start for almost 15 mins. kept getting the same message. I was on hold for a tow, tried my luck one last time, I was able to drive with that yellow exclamation mark. Reached home and called the service dept and was advised to bring it for service. On the way to service dept, the yellow exclamation was gone. In the meantime, got 2 messages from on star "an issue with your lithium-ion battery" and the second message "an issue with electric drive unit". Dropped the car on thursday evening, on friday after me repeatedly messaging the advisor responded saying they found multiple code errors and we cant look into this till monday. Of course, they didn't have any loaners.
I also reached out the GM corporate and they promptly responded that some area service advisor will get a hold of me on monday.
Since I got my car, I always noticed when i open the door, the range changes from 400 and comes back to 200, same thing happens with my app too, told this to the service advisor and her response was it is very common!!!!! my argument was few mile difference i dont care, this is almost double, still she had not clue. I just left it there. i could be a difference between mile and
kilometers, but why would that happen everytime I open the door.
I am sitting here still no answers, god knows what is going on?

On my 2017 bolt had some other type of issue where the range dropped from 180 to zero,upon checking, they replaced some battery module, took them few days.
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