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2020+ Bolt vs. 2019+ Leaf Plus

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Curious what folks who have driven (or own) both have found in terms of comparison.

Going by the specs, the Leaf is bigger, slower and not able to DCFC as well due to lack of active battery cooling (and limited CHAdeMO availability), but it seems like range and overall utility should be fairly close?

Does the Leaf allow for one-pedal driving?

Any general information on battery degradation in temperature (coastal) climates?
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In-laws have a 2013 leaf, and we have a 2014. Both have held up really well. Mainly used for trips into town, running errands, etc. DC fast charge not needed for our use. Approximately 50k miles on both, and only down one bar. PNW environment, and parked inside. We like the Bolt for its added range and features, but the Leaf treats us well, and is very comfortable to drive.
One other factor to check on is insurance cost. For us, (and we have perfect driving records), the leaf cost more to insure. When we bought the 2020 Bolt, it was approx $100 less per year than our used 2014 leaf. (With the same coverages)
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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