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2020+ Bolt vs. 2019+ Leaf Plus

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Curious what folks who have driven (or own) both have found in terms of comparison.

Going by the specs, the Leaf is bigger, slower and not able to DCFC as well due to lack of active battery cooling (and limited CHAdeMO availability), but it seems like range and overall utility should be fairly close?

Does the Leaf allow for one-pedal driving?

Any general information on battery degradation in temperature (coastal) climates?
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I have driven a couple gens of Leafs and I liked them and at one time had planned on buying one even knowing of the battery issues. Biggest problem is unless the car is in your city good luck getting it home. Even a city 100 miles away may turn into an 8 hour or more trip. Limited range, limited fast charging and battery issues not related to fire are major downers. However once you have one it makes a great city car. Would be a great car for a teen that you wanted to ensure could not drive out of state without you knowing.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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