Great car. Great for commuting for sure. I saved $400 a month driving this car 1600 miles a month to work. Around where I live I pay .08 cents a KW. Car gets on average 4KW per mile. So factor at this price is about .02 a mile. Car is quick. Has lane keep assist. Regen braking. Very good condition. Not a scratch on it. Been kept in the garage at home.

Is on recall. Has the new software update to limit to 80%. General Motors is replacing all batteries in the Bolt鈥檚 so when this one is replaced you will then have a new warranty on the battery. 8 year/100,000 I believe.

Currently 28000 miles.

Car is paid in full. I have the title.

In the middle of a GM Buy Back. Probably 6 weeks out still so wanted to throw this up to see if anyone is interest. Thanks, Eric

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