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2020 Chevy Bolt Pricing - Buying Guide

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I am looking to buy my first Bolt.

As it is already October 19th and the 2020s will arrive soon, the question is whether to buy a 2019 or 2020

Right now I am leaning towards a 2020

1) I don't want a car that has sat in the summer sun for 5+ months -
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2) One less year of depreciation

3) New LG Chem battery chemistry which delivers 21 miles more range

4) HD camera upgrade

Since GM has NOT adjusted the MSRP to reflect the true suggested selling price, it is a little challenging to know how much a 2020 will actually cost and if one should buy a 2019 or wait.

I've found some information that will help you with that decision...

GM's Supplier Purchase Website - This is the discounted price 'suppliers' pay for a car -

Compare loaded 2019 Bolt Premier (MSRP - 43,735) to 2020 Bolt Premier (see images below)

The 2020 currently has $4,500 in discounts

The 2019 has $9,000 of discounts

So worst case, right now, the 2020 is $4,500 more money than a 2019.

Over time the discount should increase SIGNIFICANTLY for a few reasons

1) A street price of $37,882 is not very competitive against the Kia, Hyundai which have $7,500 fed tax credits or a Tesla which would only be $1,400 more

2) in September 2018 people were buying the 2019 BOLT Premier for $39,000 - $7,500 Fed Credit = $31,500 (effective price)

3) In October 2018 people were buying the 2019 Bolt Premier for $37,000 - $7,500 Fed Credit = $29,500 (effective price) - Thats just 30 days after it was released

So with a federal tax credit of $1875, one could calculate the street price of a 2020 Bolt at about $29,500 (effective price) + 1,875 (tax credit) = $31,375

Given that one can get $700 from Costco until January 2, 2020 - one could say a very good price for a 2020 Bolt (probably in December) would be $32,000

Keep in mind the ZEV states tend to get better prices so your state pricing may be higher.

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please Post (or PM me) what you wind up with. I’m relocating back to the US from the UK in Jan/Feb and planning to buy a 2020 Bolt when I get there.
I would wait and drive both.

Another thing to consider is that the 2021 is coming with a refresh, new interior, new seat (supposedly) and the higher range. Buying a 2020 would be a tough sell.

I would either get a 2019 heavily discounted or wait until the end of 2020 and buy a heavily discounted 2020 or a refreshed 2021.
I wish I could wait, as there are a few styling things I really hope they change for 2021 as well, but as I’m coming back to the US with no car early next year, I’m gonna have to buy something. If there was a preview for the 2021 model, I might consider buying something used to bridge me to then, but I’m not gonna do that without more confidence that those changes are really gonna make me happy.
There are lots of spy pics on the 2021 -
But that’s not the next-gen Bolt, right? The EUV is a new crossover car that will sit alongside the Bolt. I don’t believe the Bolt refresh has had as many spy pics (and more importantly, it‘s the interior changes I’m most interested in).
Alas, if only there were any pictures of the interior refresh. Murphy’s Law pretty much guarantees that if I buy something used to wait for 2021, I’ll be disappointed, and if I don’t, I’ll covet the refresh when it comes out.

If I’m lucky, there will be some better interior spy pics by January before I have to actually make a decision.
Then, unless you can get a super deal on a 2019, the next best thing would be to buy a used 2017 and then sell it when you are ready to upgrade.
That might be the best option for you. My fear is I’ll be unimpressed by the refresh and then wish I’d just bought a 2020, instead of getting less car for a year only to then pay more total for a new one (plus the intermediate hassle of selling). The more I plan around 2021 being the car I really want, the greater the chance I’ll be disappointed by it.
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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