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2020 Premier pleasant surprises and minor disappointments

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Start with pleasant surprises, the seats are definitely more cushioned, the 2017 seats never bothered me even on longer trips but these new ones are more comfortable. HD camera is a big improvement and now has dedicated button to switch between split and fullscreen view, much more useful. Separate buttons for heat and ac, a minor but welcomed detail. The rearview mirror has a new more modern sort've rimless design, I like it. Improved suspension and smoother ride but still fun to drive. As for minor disappointments: No improvement to maximum charging rate, i would call this major but Chevy wasn't promising it in this update so can't complain too much, but I was holding out hope that it would've seen a bump along with the new battery chemistry, at least to match Kona/Niro/Soul, on the plus side of course is the extra 21 miles of range and better cold temp battery performance. The steering wheel feels different, and this is totally subjective but I prefer the softer more cushioned feel of the wheel on the 2017 Premier. The wireless charging pocket in the console has not been improved, it's still ridiculously too narrow, whose wireless phone fits in this thing? Not my iphone 8 plus, useless. Lock/unlock buttons removed from rear doors, not a huge deal unless you really like the convenience. Things I would've loved to see but have to hold out hope for 2021 redesign: Faster DC charging, better taper curve, adaptive cruise control, power driver seat with memory settings, auto power folding mirrors. Not too much to ask for, I hope...
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Lock/unlock buttons removed from rear doors, not a huge deal unless you really like the convenience.
On my 2017, I leave my key in my pocket and use the driver's side rear door button to unlock the other side for my passenger so they don't have to wait. For safety reasons, the driver's front door side button only unlocks the driver's door. Thinking this is a downgrade from the prior year models.
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The Bolt is the first car that I've driven that had any camera. With the Premier, I tend to look at the rearview mirror camera display when backing up. Then use the bird's eye view for adjusting and stopping in a parking spot. The backup camera resolution isn't an issue, as anything is better than nothing from where I was before, but on the Premier, don't think it would matter. Unless the whole bird's eye resolution is improved, then maybe it would matter.
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Is it possible that the "Passive Door Unlock" option simply hasn't been set correctly? See page 145 in the 2017 Bolt owner's manual.
I suppose this is an option for a 2020 owner missing the rear door buttons. I might be okay with changing the setting. But I know my wife would not, as the default setting is safer. Imagine a stranger jumping in the other side when you're getting into your car.
You can set it so one push unlocks drivers door, or two pushes in rapid secession unlocks all doors. No "stranger danger" that way.

Makes sense, just like the remote. Disregard my comment. Right there in the manual:
Keyless Unlocking/Locking from the Driver Door When the doors are locked and the RKE transmitter is within 1m (3ft) of the driver door handle, pressing the lock/unlock button on the driver door handle will unlock the driver door. If the lock/unlock button is pressed again within five seconds, all passenger doors will unlock.
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