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@desiv Lots of misinformation on this issue. As @zzzing stated, yes, it is still included, see the GM webpage with details regarding the Bolt. scroll to the section heading "key features" In 2017 it was actually listed on the window sticker, now the only place I can find it is on the chevy web page. reference this page and the term "EV mobile command package" when you call onstar if yours is not working
Good to know!
Yeah, there is a LOT of confusion around this for newer owners.
(I have a 2017 and haven't had any issues)
It was looking like OnStar/Chevy might have been looking to remove that feature, but that image you showed makes it pretty clear it is still there..
So most of the issues are just with OnStar.
Of course, the question there is, is OnStar doing this on purpose to get some people to pay for something they shouldn't have to, or are they just confused.
To be fair to OnStar, I generally think it is more likely that they are just totally wrong/confused.
Not sure if that is actually better tho. ;-)
Thanx for the info!!
101 - 102 of 102 Posts