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2023 Bolt EV - Plastic rear quarter panels warping (again!)

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I am wondering if any of you have had this happen. My 2 months new 2023 Bolt EV has its rear passenger plastic exterior quarter panels warping. We did nothing we know of that could have caused this. We live in San Francisco, so the weather and sun is moderate. It looks like a heat gun warped this, but that would be strange.
Oddly, this happened on our 2020 Bolt EV as well, but we thought it was the 115 degree sun in Fresno, CA. It was worse on our 2020 Bolt, but it showed up about 2 years into ownership not 2 months like for the 2023 Bolt.
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Are there any windows near with reflective tint that could be reflecting the sun onto the panel? My previous home had that and it would toast the grass areas where it hit. That was outside of San Diego. I had the Bolt for a year in the Phoenix sun with no problems.
We don鈥檛 get much sun in my part of San Francisco, but otherwise, yes, there is a window near the car but not one that would reflect directly onto the car throughout the day.
Is it one side only? Maybe a defective part.
Only on one side. My guess is a defective part, but it is still odd to see warpage of plastic like this.
This may be caused by a fastener coming loose. I had the same happen to the plastic trim on the rear passenger doors. I had to use a T20 or T25 driver bit (don't remember which) to torque them back down, and they never came back loose ever since. I'm not sure how the rear panel ones are secured, but some careful investigating might reveal how to fix it.
I鈥檝e looked under one of these panels on the 2020 Bolt. Secured by several plastic rivets, similar to the ones on door panels.
From the looks of it, you might have a fastener that missed a hole and is trapped
under the panel pushing it out when the sun warms the panel.

What do you mean "again" ? Is it the same car, same panel and has it been replaced already ?
I had these same two rear quarter plastic panels warp like this, but this was on the 2020 Bolt and in a different city in Fresno CA. It showed up about 20 months into my lease ownership. I didn鈥檛 get these replaced, because I didn鈥檛 want to pay, and the dealership wouldn鈥檛 honor a replacement under warranty yet they didn鈥檛 have a good reason why it happened. Blamed me for it but also didn鈥檛 have a reason. GM charged me about $90 during the lease return process.

This time, this is on the 2023 Bolt EV (seems to be the exact same parts as shared with the 2020 Bolt) in San Francisco, CA (much cooler climate than Fresno) and only 2 months in. I can鈥檛 imagine foul play (different city, different neighbors), and the car only gets driven 500mi per month around the city mostly. At two months old and 1200 miles, I鈥檓 very puzzled.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts