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There are already a number of threads discussing the upcoming tax incentives for EVs and Charging Equipment. The result is a lot of duplication across the site.

Please, if you are just getting started, take some time to read about the incentives before asking questions, and if you do need clarification, try asking in existing active threads on the topic.

Here are a few good resources for getting up to speed:
There may be additional resources in your state, and don't forget to inquire with your local Electric Utility company, a growing number of utilities are offering rebates on home charging equipment, installation costs, and EV Time of Use (TOU) rate programs to reduce your home charging costs.
I ordered EUV back in August. The dealer told me it was built on December 16th. It should be coming in early January. From the recent information, I should be eligible for the entire $7500 rebate since I will get it before March. Is my analysis correct? (I do meet the income requirements, btw.)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts