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'22 Bolt vs Kia Niro EV by Charlie in South Korea

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"Asian Petrolhead" does reviews of all types of cars in his country. Now that the Bolt is for sale aghain, he does a nice review of it, liking it better than the Kia Niro. Check it out:
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@Pete Blair what has changed from 2019 vs 2022 Kia Niro ?
As presented in the video below, the 2019 had some shortcumings :
  • no real one pedal driving
  • clumsy gear shifter
  • harsh slow speed braking
Haven't had time to watch the video yet but I've had a '22 Niro EV since end of Jan 2022 now, replacing my bought back '19 Bolt Premier.

1) True.
2) Dunno how it's clumsy. It's to me less clumsy than Bolt's shift lever. There's just a knob w/3 positions and a park button in the middle.
3) Not sure what that means. I guess I'll need to watch.

From looking at the pic at How Fast Does The 2019 Kia Niro EV Charge? We Find Out, the touchscreen has changed. '22 has a widescreen LCD and the color scheme of the UI changed (it's got a lot of purple on mine). I'm guessing that happened with an update that happened before I began my lease.
The trim I''m referring to was added in 2020, and ran down each side of the radio display and across the bottom. It caused a huge reflection on sunny days, and many owners resorted to using a matte tape to cover it. Perhaps they heard the complaints and did something about it on your model. I've never sat in a '22 Niro, only my '19 and a '20 EV.
I know the reflective "chrome" strip you're talking about. It's definitely in my '22 Niro BEV. A lot of my driving is at night so it doesn't bother me that often.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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