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3 Months After Owning EUV, I'm Debating A Trade In To LEASE 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric With The $7500 Tax Credit

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Apparently, Hyundai and other electric vehicles qualify for the $7500 tax credit when the vehicle is leased. Here’s Every EV that Gets A $7,500 Lease Credit (Updated March 2023) — LEASEHACKR

Now that I've had Bolt EUV for 3 months, I'm beginning to notice small things that I think might be corrected by the newly redesigned 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric: faster Level 3 DC fast charging, potentially more luxurious and spacious, Vehicle to Load capability and power rear lift gate.

Who knows what trade-in values will be like in a few months / years, but the 2024 Hyundai Kona Electric fixes all of the issues I had with with the 2023 Kona (which I cross shopped against the 2023 EUV).

I'd much rather prefer that Chevy released a redesigned Bolt (not an Equinox) with only the mandatory improvements: faster L3 fast charge capability and V2L capabilities; however, it feels like Chevrolet might ditch the Bolt lineup in favor of the much-too-large Equinox that I will never buy. I have my fingers crossed, but if Chevy doesn't introduce another sub-compact EV, I may jump to the redesigned Kona and try my best to negotiate the lowest residual value (highest mile lease) so that I can buy it out affordably at the end of the lease term.

Looking forward to thoughts from other Bolt owners who have been mulling this over, as the Kona is really the only true same-sized competitor to Bolt (EUV).
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Finding a good priced 2024 Kona lease is probably going to be as hard as finding an MSRP 2023 Bolt.
Especially if you live in flyover country. If you are not in a CARB state don’t get your hopes up.
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