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3G -> 4G upgrade

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GM says that they'll do an OTA update of the Bolt's telematics, based on your VIN. I checked and the advisement was "press your OnStar button" They don't mention whether or not there's a charge for folks like me who don't have an OnStar subscription, but my Bolt is a 2020, bought new in November of 2020 and has about 23,000 miles on it.

Is there a charge?

As an aside, I find it more than a bit stupid on GM's part to not have had 4G capability from the start; the phase-out of 3G was planned many years ago.

What say you?
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Another poster hit on this a little bit earlier. While most of the functionality is 4G, there are some 2020s that utilize the 3G network for specific functions, such as TTY. The software update will be all that is needed to make it fully 4G compatible. This is a total non-issue for any bolt that is NOT a 2020. Here is the GM bulletin from the NHTSA website.

Edit: As I look it over in more detail, it appears there is quite a bit of potential functionality effected...
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