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A little confused about these kW numbers, please help clarify for me.

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I've seen 2 numbers associated with the Bolt.
11 kW, and 55 kW

I saw a public charging station outside of a Denny's restaurant, stopped by to look at the spec. It read "50 kW". This station only charges $0.50 per hour to charge.

So if I hook up my future Bolt EUV to it, will I get 11 kW/hour delivered to the battery, or will I get 50 kW/hour? I know there are losses due to battery SOC and other factors, so the numbers I posted are ideal/theoretical. Let's assume there's no loss to make it easier to understand.

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I think the key figure is not 50kW but 50 cents. If it's 50 cents per kilowatt, then it's likely Level 3. If it's 50 cents per hour, then I suspect the unit is a mislabeled Level 2.
Please see attached screenshot.
This shows that I can charge there for $0.50/hour. Either L2 or L3, same price?
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