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A little confused about these kW numbers, please help clarify for me.

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I've seen 2 numbers associated with the Bolt.
11 kW, and 55 kW

I saw a public charging station outside of a Denny's restaurant, stopped by to look at the spec. It read "50 kW". This station only charges $0.50 per hour to charge.

So if I hook up my future Bolt EUV to it, will I get 11 kW/hour delivered to the battery, or will I get 50 kW/hour? I know there are losses due to battery SOC and other factors, so the numbers I posted are ideal/theoretical. Let's assume there's no loss to make it easier to understand.

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Can you please provide additional information for those of us who have learned, apparently incorrectly, that Level 3 is DCFC?
There have been several threads about it in this forum alone, but I think this one should be worth a look:
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Looking at the address in the Google Maps, I notice that there are two types of chargers available in the parking lot. The big one is likely the DC fast charger (DCFC) and the slim one is the AC "Level 2 (L2)" charger.

Bolt EV/EUV can do up to 55kW on DCFC, and 11kW (or 7kW on older model years) on L2. So the maximum charging speed is wildly dependent on the type of charger you use.

I don't use PlugShare (the flag on my profile is a dead giveaway) but if the "$0.50 per hour" is applicable to both types of chargers then it'd be better to use the DCFC since you'll be able to get much more energy into the car for the same cost. But somehow, I doubt that it's that cheap. You (or others with PlugShare account / access to the charger) need to check for more information.
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