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A little confused about these kW numbers, please help clarify for me.

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I've seen 2 numbers associated with the Bolt.
11 kW, and 55 kW

I saw a public charging station outside of a Denny's restaurant, stopped by to look at the spec. It read "50 kW". This station only charges $0.50 per hour to charge.

So if I hook up my future Bolt EUV to it, will I get 11 kW/hour delivered to the battery, or will I get 50 kW/hour? I know there are losses due to battery SOC and other factors, so the numbers I posted are ideal/theoretical. Let's assume there's no loss to make it easier to understand.

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There are so many factors that it鈥檚 hard to know for sure what that charger will give you, until you try it. Look at the connector. Does it just have the round plug that fits in the top half of your charging port? Or does it have the larger plug that engages the extra two holes at the bottom? If it鈥檚 just the round plug, it will max at 11kw. If it鈥檚 the larger one it will max at 55kw.

In the real world, though, you usually get less than the max.

My advice is, try it and see. That is the only way to know for sure, and it鈥檚 not like it鈥檚 expensive.
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Can I still use when/if, or will you think I am doing math with my conjunctions?
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