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A little confused about these kW numbers, please help clarify for me.

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I've seen 2 numbers associated with the Bolt.
11 kW, and 55 kW

I saw a public charging station outside of a Denny's restaurant, stopped by to look at the spec. It read "50 kW". This station only charges $0.50 per hour to charge.

So if I hook up my future Bolt EUV to it, will I get 11 kW/hour delivered to the battery, or will I get 50 kW/hour? I know there are losses due to battery SOC and other factors, so the numbers I posted are ideal/theoretical. Let's assume there's no loss to make it easier to understand.

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I think the key figure is not 50kW but 50 cents. If it's 50 cents per kilowatt, then it's likely Level 3. If it's 50 cents per hour, then I suspect the unit is a mislabeled Level 2.
Huh? Seems like you have a bunch of unit confusion.

What does "50 cents per kilowatt" mean? Can you give us an example of that somewhere like on Plugshare?
Fine, Andrew, 50 cents per kWh. Feel better?
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This seems insignificant, but it isn't.
Would anyone else like to pile on? My treat!
It is explicitly not that. It's the equivalent of saying $3.59 per gallon per hour. It's nonsensical.

Just because humans are good at interpreting incorrect information via context clues doesn't mean that saying something that's complete nonsense should be acceptable.

Well, there's another pedant's day brightened. I will have to post complete nonsense more often!
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Distinguishing between Levels 1, 2 and 3 is nothing to really get upset over. (See what I did there?)
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